Organic Produce

We are a horse-powered vegetable farm in the hills of central Maine. Each season, we grow ten-acres of MOFGA Certified Organic vegetables that we sell to coops and small grocery stores across the state. While we take particular joy in the search for the perfect carrot, our diverse offerings allow us to have produce for sale winter, spring, summer and fall.

With the help of our trusty draft horses, we’re busy revitalizing a long-forgotten farm and producing some of the finest vegetables around. We take great pride in the quality of our produce, and the care we take of our land and animals. 



Instead of tractors, our garden is powered by draft horses. From breaking ground, to cultivating to hauling the harvest, we turn to our equine partners in grime for their strength and grace. Ancient and sacred, we take great joy in the relationship between (wo)man and horse and appreciate their diligent work ethic!  Their hooves are much gentler on the land, and their pace and strength is just right for the garden!


We specialize in local wholesale produce markets. Shoot us a note if you want us to send you our list!

Shoot us a note!